Tuesday, 4 October 2011


blow blowblow blowblowblow blow

We did make our escape the other day, though as predicted the weather gods weren't playing nice. The rain was driving down and the winds were wild as we packed the car and left our snug little house to hit the road. Mr F and I raised an eyebrow to each other more than once, and wondered if we weren't completely mad! But there's nothing like a road trip with just the five of us, and it was all completely worth it... if only for the uncontrollable giggles we all had at dinner the first night at the Chinese restaurant, loved that!

We spent a fair bit of time that first day facing into the wind as it tried to blow us away braving the elements so it was nice to give up at last and hide away in our motel room snuggled in together with books and magazines. I bought these two mags which are my current favourites and finished reading 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' while I was away too. Its very evocative, I can see why they made a movie of it. Must see it some time.

There was of course some op shopping while we were away and I found some more vintage sheets for my collection and a little milk glass vase. There was a bit of proper shopping too which is how I fell in love with this little painting and brought it home, its by Lolita Hamilton. I just love that its going to remind me of these stormy days hanging out with my gang.

On our second day the sun shone and we went south to Kiama and saw the big blowhole and the one we liked even more - the little blowhole. With the pumping surf it was spraying water 100 feet into the air.

Today on the way home we went up into the foothills of the escarpment near Thirroul and visited a sculpture garden in the rainforest, there should be more sculpture gardens in the world, what a great way to see this sort of work.


  1. Funny..my word verification is 'nestlet'..very bird related..how did it know I was going to comment and say that the sculptures of the birds is my absolute favourite of all that you've shown here! So clever!

  2. It's a beautiful part of the world and nice to get out, rain or no rain.

  3. WM and I were thinking the other day - it has rained for four of our last five "getaways" (Bulli x2, Coalcliff, and Patonga). We are thinking we'll just stay home this summer!

    I love the coastal area between Stanwell Tops and Kiama. We hope to retire there one day!

  4. I love that top painting.

    Didn't know about the sculpture garden. Will definitely check it out next time I'm down that way.


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