Thursday, 4 February 2010

lucienne day (1917-2010)

I read today via Red Ruby Rose's beautiful blog about the passing of Lucienne Day the influential 20th century pattern designer. While you might not recognise the name I'm sure you would recognise her iconic designs.

(This piece from the Guardian gives a lovely insight into Lucienne and her achievements.)
Jonathan Glancy says of her:
"... most of Lucienne's designs held a wide appeal, and sold well – something that mattered very much to her and her husband [furniture designer Robin Day]. Both came from the "nothing is too good for ordinary people" tradition. The idea was that good, intelligent design should be part, parcel and fabric of everyday life."

A woman after my own heart! See below one of her tea towel designs ;-)

Happy weekend everyone, my little sister arrives tomorrow for a flying visit from her home in Vietnam, I haven't seen her for over a year so I can't wait! Coincidentally my English Uncle passes through Sydney at the same time so it will be fun.

See you next week (p.s. I've signed up a couple of really interesting, and lovely, guinea pigs to feature on my Aussie blogging segment, so its really going to happen... can't wait!)


  1. The fabrics designs are wonderful! very inspirational, have a fab time with your sister and Uncle :)x

  2. Lucienne's work is breathtaking.

  3. OMG! I hadn't heard till now. I worship at her altar too. This is so sad. Great selection of picks - thanks for passing on the news. Kx

  4. They are beautiful designs of the Utmost Kind. I held my breath for the second one.

  5. What an amazing talent, and you're right, I did not know her name, but I the designs are so very familiar. She will never be forgotten :)

  6. Oh yes! Such supremely beautiful work!

  7. Her work was fabulous! What a talented woman!

  8. I have just spent a few minutes reading up on Lucienne and her husband's work. What an inspiring couple. What a lovely relationship they seem to have had.


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