Thursday 18 February 2010

learn to sew - cushion cover

I have sewn with my RickRack fabric once before, I made my sister a RickRack headband in a mad rush before Christmas (very cute it was too, I'll show it here some day - just as soon as I draft the pattern to share).

Yesterday though I got to make something for home and I was delighted to see that my little fabric washes, irons and sews beautifully. The mix of cotton with the linen makes ironing a breeze, while the linen gives the fabric a beautiful crispness and drape that is missing from 100% cotton.

I used a tutorial that Lara had on her blog to make a cushion cover with a concealed zip for our new couch. Such a cinch to make and it looks so neat! Inside is an inexpensive feather insert from Ikea (Fjadrar), these come in a square format too and in foam, which is even cheaper.

So look out for cushion covers in the shop this year, though I need an overlocker/serger first. I'm not sure where to start with that. If anyone has any advice for me I'd love it, I want to start with a cheap second hand model but I don't know what to look for.


  1. sitting here giggling, JUST come downstairs from a detailed discussion with my mum (and lots of grabbing of different cushions and turning them inside out) about the best way to make a cushion with an invisible zip!! thanks so much for this - will give one of next projects a little push along...

  2. Love the pattern on the fabric and it translat4es so beautifully into this cushion cover

  3. It shows off the print beautifully!

    Does your sewing machine have an overlock stitch? I've just discovered that mine does, and though it's slower than straight stitching, it's faster than zigzagging and then stitching... and the seams look incredibly neat.

  4. I love your fabric and it does look grand as a pillow. I had a friend that made pillows professionally and she shared a secret with me. ... If you want your pillow to NOT stick out at the corners you have to juggle the seams a bit. Tapper them in about 1/2 inch at each corner. Just start back about 2 inches or so from the corner and take up about 1/2 inch at both sides of all 4 corners. It works. I have found that I like the "dog ears" on some pillows and not on others, go figure.

  5. Thanks all for the advice and compliments. kp I'm glad the syncrhronicity was so spot on! And thanks Lawre for your hint about puppy dog ears, I think I like them too!

  6. hello.... I've been meaning to say how much I love this fabric, and how gorgeous your cushion looks, and you know, i really love that painting too. Looks like a great place to sit or lie down, and relax with a good book, or some jazz! he he. :)

  7. Hi Susie
    I just saw your post wondering about an inexpensive overlocker - well, I bought mine on ebay (new) for £100 over here, so I'm sure you could get something for a similar value in Sydney. It's a Toyota model and runs very smoothly! Love your blog!!

  8. FINALLY finished my first attempts at cushions, many thanks for the link to the tutorial - referred to it many many many times!

    my results are here:

    if you're interested.


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