Sunday 21 February 2010

technical difficulties

This past week my laptop, microwave and sewing machine have all stopped working. Blah! I'm feeling a bit jinxed!

However, I am still hoping to post the first of my blogger features tomorrow!!

I'm hoping the series, to be called Show & Tell, will help celebrate some of our wonderful Australian art, craft and design bloggers. I've thought long and hard about the mix of questions which I'm hoping will show many sides of each talented artist. Luckily I managed to save my files to this desktop machine but it is so slow!! So please bear with me as I try to get it up.

I'd love you all to come back for that, to read all about my first brave interviewee. She's sharing lots of interesting thoughts and images (and a cute dog photo!) so come and help me celebrate and support some great online talent.

p.s. This favourite beautiful botanical illustration is by celebrated botanical artist Margaret Flockton who helped pioneer the field in Australia.


  1. oh no.. so many machines stopping at once! Ghosts around? or sun spots? or just time to go shopping?

  2. the botanical illustrations are beautiful - so inspiring. I am sending you lots of good thoughts, and hope your technology things are all better now. It's terrible when things don't work! :) cheerio for now... oh, and of course - I look forward to seeing your show and tell too. Exciting! :) x


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