Tuesday 9 February 2010

a patch of sky

Such a good day today, the rain has stopped - blue sky at last, the house is clean and I had hours in a row to devote to Flower Press, for the first time in a long while. All of this made it the perfect time for an experiment I've been dreaming of since, oh, the last decade.

I love linen, and while I love it white and natural I also love the look of it dyed in simple colours. For a while now I've been thinking how beautiful my tea towels would look dyed, both plain and printed. Of how nice it would be to put colour in the fabric, not just in the print.

Today I broke out the dye that I bought before Christmas and muddled my way through the process, you'll recognise this colour I think, a lovely clear piece of sky to brighten the darkest day.

I only made a few of these towels to experiment and I've listed just one so far in the shop I've got more plans for these...

And it feels so nice to be exploring a new direction, suddenly my brain is going a million miles an hour and I'm finally feeling the potential of this new year and wondering which way it will take me and my little shop!

And on another tangent, big fat congratulations to all the fantastically talented Poppies winners, but especially to Ink & Spindle and Skinny Laminx for their win in the Favourite Handmade Textiles' public and jury selection categories respectively (Yay!). Both awards are really well deserved and I'm very proud to have come fourth(!) to these girls and Dotti Angel (whose blog I read too!) in the vote! Amazing company :-)


  1. Congratulations for coming 4th, that is great news, and you should be justifiably proud!

  2. Congratulations!
    and what a beautiful blue love it:)

  3. Yay to blue skies and talanted textile printing peeps!! I just wanted to pop in and say a huge thankyou!! I ordered through madeit from Darwin and got you to post to Horsham. Mum loves her tea towel and this week it will be going in her new kitchen. Thanks so much for the extra work in getting it to her in time.
    Look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create this year xox

  4. Thanks everyone :-)

    And Bianca I'm so glad your Mum loved her tea towel! I hope it looks great in the new kitchen.


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