Thursday 11 February 2010

handmade nation

Handmade luminary Faythe Levine, artist, gallery owner, photographer and filmmaker whose documentary of the current crafting movement Handmade Nation has been so loved (and the book of which I got for my birthday) was one of the jurors in the recent Poppies voting.

Imagine my surprise and delight when she posted her short lists on her Handmade Nation blog recently, and Flower Press was on it in the Textiles section!

Read and explore Faythe's curated lists for her favourites in each category. I jumped up and down a lot after I read them, but its not obligatory ;-)


  1. yay lovely! congrats that's ace:)x!

  2. You are now utterly and officially all-over famous. I hope you jumped about whooping and high fiving yourself and generally freaking out the children.

    Way to go!


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