Friday, 21 October 2011

filigree fabric panels

filigree fabric panelsfiligree fabric panelsfiligree fabric panelsfiligree fabric panels

I think it was lovely Kate who initially put the idea in my head to print my Filigree design as a fabric panel. Like most things around here its taken a couple of years to go from drawing board to reality but here they are at last! I've only got a couple of each colour of these in the shop, I'm keeping two for myself, but if they are popular they will return.

The panel would look great as cushions, pouches, totes, quilts, all of which I've sewn using this design but on thicker tea towel linen before. This fabric is a wonderful unbleached linen/cotton blend with water based white or red ink. It has a lovely feel, the texture of linen with the washability and non creasing qualities of cotton and a great weight. They are in the shop now.

I've got some other designs nearly ready to produce in the same way and here's hoping they don't take quite as long to arrive!

Happy weekend friends. The warm weather has arrived with a bang in Sydney this past couple of days and I'm looking forward to summery evenings outside.


  1. Ooh, loving them, Susie! And secretly hoping you're going to do them in white and blue, of course ☺. J x

  2. They look fantastic Susie! My beautiful triangles fabric arrived - thank you so much! I love it :) Kx

  3. Love these, Susie! Fab idea - off to browse the shop ;-)

  4. hi Susie! i'm happy to see your name in my group for the fabric swap!

    WOW! this is amazing fabric...and so,so inspiring for me as i am looking ahead to making some printed fabric of my own.

    all my best. xx,kristin


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