Thursday, 6 October 2011


boxedinterview once there was a boyonce there was a boyonce there was a boyonce there was a boy
A while ago I told you about my Flower Press wares being sold through Boxed, a beautiful homewares and art site run by Sarah Saleh out of Bahrain. Sarah has been sweet enough to make me a featured designer this month, you can read some more about my inspirations and ideas here.

However the creative in my space this week is all other peoples', my brother and his family are in town and his gallery has an exhibition opening tonight. And on Tuesday night we made it back in time to help celebrate the launch of this beautiful new book 'Once there was a boy', by Dub Leffler, at our local, Shearer's Bookshop in Leichhardt. This book is so delightful, not only for its beautiful pictures but for the lovely story which brought tears to my eyes. Our friend Momo (age nine) gave a reading of her uncle Dub's book which was an added treat. I love this book, check out this video for more peeks inside.

Lots of other great creativity at the club house!


  1. Hi Susie! How wonderful is that write-up and how gorgeous to see you too! It's funny how knowing what someone looks like makes you feel all the closer to them, even after all the conversations we've shared :) Glad to hear of your brother's successes as well. The book looks fabulous. Kx

  2. Oh Susie, congrats on the fabulous interview. Bravo you! I love finding out more about what makes you tick and from where you derive your inspiration. Delightful. J x

  3. Congrats! Beautiful work -last 'picture of art' is wonderful!!
    Wish you a great day!

  4. Congratulations!

    Lovely art work!

  5. Hi there,

    So glad you have discovered Dub Leffler's book too. Such a beautiful book, and a lovely man - how great that you were at the launch too!



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