Thursday, 13 October 2011

my creative space - fat quarters! free postage!

toy box printstoy box - blue marblestoy box - yellow marblestoy box printstoy box prints - blue marblestoy box prints - hundreds & thousands pale purple

On Monday I got this long awaited parcel full of fabric. Here at last are my Marble and other Toy Box series designs printed by Spoonflower and for sale in my Etsy shop. I'm so proud to be offering these fabrics, I think they make a great option for boys or girls prints, something that's often missing in modern quilting fabrics.

I've got a few more designs in this series and other base colours which I will be making available in the future so you can mix and match. There's one new design I'll share next week that's become a favourite. I can't wait to have them all and make a quilt for my boys!

All this series, which I'm calling Toy Box, are based around the same great primary colour palette so they coordinate and contrast with each other and with other fabrics, toys, walls and linen.

These fabrics are beautifully printed on lovely quilting cotton. The colours are vibrant and wonderfully true to the artwork. The Spoonflower process has been improving all the time and I'm really delighted with the quality of this fabric.

I've put some fat quarters in my shop. Contact me if you want a larger cut, I have just a few metres of each though so get in quick. One of my friends was trying to steal the marble fabric yesterday to make a duvet cover for her son!
I think the hundreds & thousands dot would make a great dress with a white lace trim.

Best of all, as an introductory offer I'm giving Australian buyers FREE POSTAGE and reduced postage for Everyone Else! Can't wait to see what you make with this :-)

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  1. Beautiful! I just bought my self a FQ....can't wait to see it in real life.

  2. This is so cute! Good job you! x

  3. oh my I love the geometrics and the marbles. I need to bookmark your etsy site and return on payday. So lovley and bright, oh how fab!

  4. Oh man Susie! I love these.

    I have no spare money in my budget at the moment! Please don't go and sell out of them on me :-P

    I'll have to come back and check next month to see if you have any still in stock!

  5. Wow! They look fabulous Susie!
    Congratulations :) Kx

  6. Beautiful colours. Love the polka dot.

  7. Beautiful vibrant colours - 'Triangle Twist' is lovely!
    It must have been a very exciting parcel to receive :)

  8. so lovely, and exciting!
    love the bottom one the most :)

  9. OH WOW!! *Wild applause!!* These look brilliant! I can't believe how busy you've been. You must be beyond chuffed. They all work so beautifully together. : )


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