Sunday, 16 October 2011


eat eateateat

Thank you all you wonderful people for welcoming and celebrating my new fabrics on Thursday. I am so lucky to have friends who give me such great feedback and cheer me on. It means a lot. And thanks to everyone who ordered fabric, I can't wait to see what you make from it!

In the process of pulling down the attic ladder that day I smashed my thumb quite badly but also it turned out later, strained my shoulder as well. Ow, it really hurts! I woke up the next day quite crippled with the pain and even now, a couple of days later I can't lift my arm.

It doesn't help that today was the school Gardening Bee I've helped organise, though turns out I can weed quite well with my left hand and with all the wonderful helpers who turned up we got a lot accomplished.

The children have been helping distract me with food. Mr D made wonderful crackers with this recipe, and we experimented with shapes and seeds. As you can imagine they lasted all of about five minutes last night, when served with dip and toppings. Ms A the family baker had a taste for coconut this afternoon and she's whipped up these cupcakes from a Martha Stewart recipe but with a butter, icing, coconut milk frosting and coconut shavings.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that all we think about is food round here, but its not quite true! We had takeaway pizza on Friday when family dropped in as we all had other things on and came together late, so fast food was perfect. As always it was the company that was the important part. Does that sound hokey? A bit but I love those family dinners, lots of laugh and gossip and love.

I discovered the masterpiece in the bottom photo after my lunchers had left on Wednesday. Mr 3 had made this beautiful portrait of our dog Pippie, with a bit of help from his Mum. Have you seen these blackboard panels at Bunnings. We were so happy when we discovered them but you might not have seen them, they are a bit hidden away. They cost about $20 and though this one is out in the weather behind our sandpit they last a few years, when it warps too badly we just unscrew it and replace.

p.s. Show & Tell is back Tuesday for the second last instalment of the year. Another blogger I really admire, and she's not bad at word games too! But that's your only clue.


  1. Hope your shoulder recovers soon! That is always such an inconvenient injury.

  2. Hey Susie, sorry to hear you hurt yourself! Poor you :( Love the sound & look of all that delicious food...our weekend has been a bit the same, without the pain! Bill made scones today and we also made tiny cupcakes for a party. Almost didn't need dinner tonight. Can't wait to see who the guest blogger is..have a great week xo

  3. Those crackers look amazing!
    Shoulders are awful injuries. Hope yours feels better soon.

  4. fingers and shoulders....can't do too much without them....looks like you have been looked after though.
    I am loving blackboards at the moment...thanks for the tip.

  5. Ouch! Hope both finger and shoulder are healing well!


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