Wednesday 26 October 2011


update updateupdate

I'm not a big fan of the way the technology cycle makes products 'obsolete', even while they're still working. Because of that I've always held on to my dodgy phones long after they were superseded. This week though I've joined the rest of the world and got an iPhone. Mr F has had one for years but there's something very satisfying about having my own and filling it with my favourite things.

While I'm getting sorted I've updated my computer to the new Lion OS X and upgraded iPhoto too. I'm getting my head around iCloud and generally trying to make everything play happily together. Sort of a digital spring cleaning. I signed up for Instagram too (user name flowerpress) which I think I'll like. On first impressions its really making me jealous of Kate's caravan adventure and in particular her Monkey Mia visit!

These are amazing times we live in, with amazing technology jumps every day. I wonder where its going. One of the things I like about our online community of craft bloggers is that respect is given to both old and new. Most are tech savvy people making the most of all the new digital age offers, like greater opportunities to access information, politics, news, knowledge and beauty, and to share it. But there is also respect for the analogue, the traditional handmade skills of cooking, knitting, sewing, making art, printing fabric, gardening and other good old fashioned stuff like thrifting, recycling and natural products.

These pics are from the iPhone, gotta love that camera, its so easy to use. I'm looking forward to recording more things out and about.


  1. Lucky you, with any luck I am getting one in the next few months!

  2. My mobile phone is real-up-to-date technology! It cost me %49! It sends and receives phone calls, SMS and picture messages but has no camera or video facility. Nor can I connect to the internet while I'm on the go! But... I can use it as alarm clock and play games - what else could an old girl like me want? LOL

  3. Ooh, I love what you wrote about being tech savvy and old-fashioned savvy too. Yes! That is something to be proud of.

  4. Oh yes. I recently gave in and got an iphone after my ancient Nokia gave up. Got to say I'm impressed with the photo quality as well.....

  5. I have finally caught up with the rest of my family and got an iPhone as well. Have you hooked up with app which enables you to call other people with iPhones for free as long as you are both in wireless. My hubby was recently in New Zealand and we could speak for as long as we liked for free....can't beat that. Xox Jo


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