Monday 31 October 2011

happy halloween

halloween halloweenhalloweenhalloweenhalloween

The Halloween Carnival is a grand tradition at our primary school. The whole school comes together for a night of rides and food, music and fun. Its always fun dressing up. The boys chose this year to go as a mad professor and a mummy, while Mr F and I drew on our zombie eyes and some skull jewellery and joined in the fun. We had cake stall duty again this year and as usual everyone did us proud with spooky cupcakes, slices and biscuits. Don't you love those fingers! The nails are almonds covered in food colouring. Oh and Master J came runner up for the pumpkin comp! I don't have a photo of his spooky ghost carving though, this is Master D's pumpkin face.

Before the carnival we joined in another community event, Mr J's wind ensemble played to open a rally for the Inner West Greenway, a public space project our community was promised last year (after ten years of lobbying) but which has been abandoned by the new government.

This corridor will run along the light rail extension which passes by our house. It will be a mixed use bike and pathway along the canal through reclaimed bush, a haven of biodiversity in the inner city. This Greenway already exists behind our house, across the canal. Over the years we've seen kingfishers and black cockatoos along our stretch of bush and we know how fantastic this space is. How wonderful if they can join it up to make a path that runs through the city. We use this green path to walk to school every day and we cherish it.


  1. OMG those fingers lol Happy Halloween :)

  2. LOVE those fingers!! Just fantastic. Good luck with the Greenway - it astounds me that they aren't mandatory! Kx

  3. Those fingers are ghastly! Have a great day!


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