Sunday 11 April 2010


Last month I logged on to Garden Express (a local mail order plant store) to cash in the birthday gift voucher my sweet brother had given me back in December. It was so much fun having all that money to spend and I took advantage of it to get some wishlist items I've been ogling for years. The huge alliums are something I've always wanted to grow, as are the nodding heads of Nectaroscordum (Mediterranean bells). I've never seen them in real life and I'm just hoping they will like it here and flower.

And then, because I was there, I must admit I spent slightly more adding some pure indulgences like all these amazing parrot tulips. I'm pretty sure they will make just one flowering here in temperate Sydney but it will be great while it lasts. They've gone in the fridge till winter. The hyacinths are an old love, one of my Mum's favourite flowers and I bought some extras to send to her. They are in the fridge too pretending its winter. I also bought these two colour muscari that I'd seen in books. I love the contrast of the light topknots, and muscari are one of the few bulbs that return in my garden.

A big thank you to everyone for the lovely comments you left about my pincushion and needlebook! You guys are so wonderful :-)

I'm off on holidays on Tuesday and I might not get to post again before then. Have a great week. We'll be at the beach, bushwalking and putting jigsaws back together - important stuff like that! Can't wait!

Make sure you come back Tuesday week for another round of Show & Tell. You're going to love it!

p.s. And if you get a chance watch this very cute video I got sent through the week. It made me smile.


  1. I'm needing a floral education here - are those the alliums in the top left? Smitten, I am. Smitten.

  2. Beautiful aren't they :-)

    Group One:
    Clockwise from top left - Allium Globemaster, Nectaroscordum siculum, Hyacinth Delft Blue, Muscari latifolium.

    Group Two:
    Clockwise from top left - Tulip Black Parrot, Tulip Bright Parrot, Allium Mount Everest, Tulip Webers Parrot.

  3. Tempted to go for Muscari Latifolium if only to watch the Mr's jaw drop to the floor with the way it rolls off my tongue (I'll do advance practising in the shower).

  4. Nice photographs. If I was there, I would probably buy them all and send them over to my mom. She loves this kind of flowers in her garden.

  5. Lucky you. I can't think of anything more fun than flower shopping. Especially when it's been prepaid.

  6. just wondering if there is some strange cosmic interference going on or something...knew i'd read these two posts that came through before and the dates are from a couple of months ago???


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