Wednesday 28 April 2010


A couple of Flower Press counters are about to click over really soon. It's funny how these arbitrary round figures mean so much to me, but they do. They mark achievements with my small business, which continues to thrive despite often being relegated to last place in the priority list!

The first milestone is the 500 mark in Etsy sales! Wow, I've been looking forward to this one. I hit 350 sales at the end of September so 400 and 450 must have passed in the blur that was Christmas. 500! That's a lot of parcels, a lot of handwritten notes, lots of emails, lots of lovely feedback!

My Etsy hearts have been building up slowly too since I began in late 2007. They currently sit at 1982 after getting a boost from this beautiful front page yesterday, I'm looking forward to seeing it roll over to 2000, hopefully in the next week or two.  (The treasury was made by my friend Kristina too, which makes it extra special, and made on Treasury East which you should visit if you haven't been.)

If you are on my mailing list, look out for a special offer coming soon to celebrate all these wonderful numbers. I've got a new print soon too, its nearly ready. So stay tuned. (And if you want to join my list to be in on special deals etc in my very occasional emails, just send me your address - my email address is in my profile).


  1. congratulations on your etsy sales!

  2. Well done on these milestones! Wow! It's good to know just how much you have done!

  3. Congratulations, here's to more creative success!:)

  4. woo-hoo! hooray for counters, and hooray for flowerpress on the front page! you should be there everyday as far as I'm concerned! love love love your work, sorry, I'm blabbing now! huggggz, and can you please add me to your mailing list? I look forward to the new print! xo


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