Wednesday 21 April 2010

gadgets, widgets, gizmos and apps

I do love a good gadget, widget and gizmo! And just at the moment they seem to be everywhere. Here are some of my current favourites:

Etsy Picclick
I saw this great visual Etsy search site on how about orange the other day. You put in a search term and almost instantaneously a hundred thumbnails pop up, to do with your search term. Perfect for looking for a specific something, but pretty dangerous for browsing, I must admit I bought some vintage cookie cutters the first time I looked at it!

Treasury East
This new feature on Etsy lets you make new, permanent Etsy treasuries that you can favourite and comment on and don't expire! And you don't have to wait to make them. Discovered via inaluxe.

Hipstamatic and iPhone apps
Mr Flowerpress has a new iPhone (which I talked the phone company into stumping up for). In a case of perfect timing it arrived the morning of his birthday. Totally cool and groovy (insert real hip words here) we are still discovering the best apps but Hipstamatic (via hyena in petticoats), Flight Control and Doodlejump are keeping us amused at the moment. Hipstamatic photo above.

Flag counter
A while ago I posted about the amazing world of people visiting my blog, which I'd seen via statcounter. The other day I saw and added this great new widget (on someone's blog, can't remember) that counts and displays flags of visitors (see mine at the bottom of the page). My boys have memorised all the flags of the world from a poster they have (they are a great help with the Good Weekend quiz) and are mighty impressed each time I add a new one, I'm up to 76 countries so far!

Ravelry and My Sewing Circle
Even for basic knitters like me the Ravelry site is an amazing reference source. You can browse patterns, yarns, see photos and feedback for both, or ask questions in the forums (I have!) The other day I saw this new site My Sewing Circle (on soozs blog) which promises to do the same for sewers. Its new so doesn't have the same resources as Ravelry but if the community gets behind it it will be great.

New templates in Blogger
I haven't quite had a chance to explore this fully but you can now have more freedom in the layout of your blogger template through the new draft Blogger dashboard. Go to the dashboard, sign in to Draft Blogger dashboard and then click on layout. There is a new menu at the top for the Template Designer app. I haven't taken the plunge, need to experiment more with a draft page before I commit my blog to a new design, but I love that you can.

Seen on colour + sound this neat widget puts your Flickr photos in a slidey slideshow (below) move the slider along the bottom to move horizontally through the pics. (Not sure this works in google reader so you might have to look on the blog.)

That's it, the ones I can remember anyway! Do you know any more?

p.s. Thanks again for all the support for the Show & Tell feature. Kylie is still away but I know she'll be really touched by all your lovely comments and feedback!

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  1. These are AMAZING Susie! Can't wait to start exploring :) Thank you! Kx


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