Tuesday 6 April 2010


I blame the lady at Spotlight for this project, which is way beyond my limited knitting skills. There I was quietly looking for cable needles for a bit of Easter knitting when she pointed out there was 20% off the already discounted balls of sock yarn, and that they come with a sock pattern on the label. I might just have mentioned something about sock knitting but she really should have checked my knitting credentials first.

As it turned out it took me three goes to get the sock cast on so that I was happy with it. The first time I somehow managed to have the yarn coming through the middle of the needles and quickly worked out that was going to get very old very soon! But after that I sort of got into the swing of it - I rounded the heel yesterday (the pattern and I disagree on stitch numbers, even after I frogged and redid the heel but it looks OK!). Now I just have the toe and the mysterious Kitchener stitch to negotiate and I'm done (famous last words?). My biggest problem is dropped stitches while I juggle the double pointed needles, but I am getting to be a dab hand at rescueing them with my trusty crochet hook.

Thank heavens for the wonderful internet and all the amazing crafting resources to be found there. My old favourite the wonderful Knitting Help site has taught me most of my skills beyond knit and purl. And I can't imagine how I would have worked out how to pick up the stitches on the heel gusset if not for the very talented lady who hosts the site and her wonderful videos.


  1. I'm very impressed, they look great.
    I have a sock in similar yarn that has languished on the needles for about a year because the heel scares me... I will go visit Knitting Help and try to conquer my fears.

  2. The socks look great! I have been knitting socks for years- could it really be that I learned to knit over 50 years ago?? OMG!!! Anyway- I have the same problems-- Not problems, That is just part of knitting socks- you are doing it correctly! BTW, you probably have a second sock to knit! Good luck!

  3. I have never knit a pair of socks. This is because I am Queen of the One Hit Wonder as well as chairperson of the Odd Sock Club. Invariably the single socks are frogged and turned into something else that doesn't require anything plural.

    Oh, and I am mighty proud of you. Your sock rocks.

  4. Love that yarn! and your sock knitting looks tres top-notch to me :) K

  5. Thanks for all the socky encouragement :-)
    I have heard of the curse of the second sock, I'm hoping I still have enough enthusiasm for number two!
    Suzy I hope you get round the heel, its not so hard if I can do it!


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