Friday 24 October 2008

gleditsia 'ruby lace'

Quite often I look at the stats for this blog, to see who is visiting and how they got here. Its lots of fun!
Well I've found that one of the searches that brings visitors here crops up regularly and its not what you'd think, its a search for this tree - Gleditsia "Ruby Lace" which is a red leaved version of the normal Gleditsia triacanthos. One of my earliest posts last year shows a photo of the flower of this tree which is also a beautiful colour. So I've been meaning to post some photos of the rest of the tree, to keep all the gleditsia fans happy!!

Before I bought this mature specimen last year I'd seen one a few houses down from my friend's house and been really attracted to the reddish maroon foliage.
This tree is coming back into leaf now and can I say that I just love it. As well as the great colours of the new leaves they have a great shape and movement. Here's some pics. It's planted next to another great tree, Acer palmatum 'Senkaki' which has lovely red stems and the most beautiful delicate lime leaves, as you can see. I don't often show wider pics of my garden as its still a work in progress but here's a bit I'm happy with, also here are Acanthus mollis in flower and my huge snail vine just starting to flower.

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