Tuesday 7 October 2008


These water iris are about to flower for the first time in my garden, they came from a friend last year. I love the way they catch the early morning light at the moment.
When we moved into this house three years ago there was only grass and a weedy privet tree in the backyard (now gone). The garden sloped too so you couldn't sit happily on a chair without feeling that you were going to roll down the hill! We levelled it and put in large garden beds, trees and a new lawn. There are steps behind the pot leading to my little part of the garden where balls are outlawed (in theory) and the more precious plants breath a bit more easily.
You can see two of our baby trees in this shot, a native Frangipani (no relation to the plumerias) and a Calodendrum capense, or Cape Chestnut (right). Eventually this will be a large tree and give some shade in the garden. They also flower with exquisite pink blooms, this one unfortunately is still too young though.
The water pots came from the old house. They are overcrowded with lotus, waterlilies and these iris. One day I'm going to build a small pond and they will have more space and hopefully flower more.

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