Tuesday 28 October 2008

illustrator experiments

I never really learnt to use Adobe Illustrator (I used to be a Freehand girl). I keep meaning to get a book and learn properly but for now I just huff and bluff and muddle my way through things, trying to get the effect I want. Sometimes though this means I fluke some interesting effects.
If you look closely at this image Illustrator has sort of split the line work and made a really cool skeleton effect with the lines. I've been working on this little jam jar of weeds for a gocco print and now I'm not sure whether I don't prefer it in this form. Mmmm?


  1. This looks great! Both of them. I especially like the green one though.

  2. Beautiful! I really like the grey one. REALLY strange, because I'm not a fan of grey usually! ;-)

  3. Thanks!
    Actually carina I wondered about changing that pic as the image is really a purply brown and changed when i put it on Blogger, but then it grew on me too :-)
    And I am in love with that shade of green at the moment too sherrin.

  4. both of these are absolutely gorgeous. i adore the drawing!

  5. They're both lovely. (I think they'd be wonderful on tea towels.)Good to know it's possible to bluff your way through Illustrator - I'm about to start trying to learn it, and was hoping that my Photoshop bluffing would stand me in good stead!

  6. I really love these. Beautiful!


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