Wednesday 22 October 2008


I had a great sense of achievement today as I drove back to the printer to deliver another batch of tea towels for printing. A couple of designs have sold out and I'm getting some new colourways printed.
Often these days it seems I feel the opposite, frustrated that more of my grand plans are stuck on the drawing board and comparing myself with all the amazing superwomen out there who seem to be producing wonderful new stuff all the time.
I'm conscious too as the year closes in that I'd set a deadline of this year to make a start in fabric design. It's not going to happen. Life has been difficult recently and I've had little time for Flower Press.
On a much more positive note, when I started Flower Press, a year ago in November, I thought I'd give myself a year of concentrating on it and then reassess. At the end of that time I couldn't be more thrilled at where I am, I feel very lucky, I have a thriving business and I love, love love doing it. It has to fit around other commitments but the flexibility is one of the great things about it. Along the way I have been delighted, and quite amazed, at the success I've had... and I've made lots of really nice friends along the way. Spoilt, really :-)


  1. See that's funny - for to me you would fit into that: "all the amazing superwomen out there who seem to be producing wonderful new stuff all the time."

    I count you amongst my inspiration in trying to find a new way. Congratulations to you on FlowerPress' 1st birthday!


  2. Aww :-) that is such a very lovely thing to say. Thank you for an early birthday present!!!

  3. can i ask about your tea towels? Withour giving away any trade secrets, do you but them ready made and blank or do you make your own? I'm trying to source some fabric to make my own and am also picking the brains of people who are already doing it. Hope you don't mind me asking.

  4. I've emailled you (I don't sew them!)

  5. I love your prints! When I feel frustrated I have to remember quality not quantity. I could look at the prints you have done this year over and over and never get bored!

  6. That's a great way to look at it!
    And you're right I hate to rush something if I don't feel right about it. I want to really love everything I make.
    Thanks for your lovely words :-)


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