Friday 17 October 2008


Love these two projects I saw the other day, because I need something extra to add to my arms length to do/to try list! But I do just think these two are great, and I think I might just try them both, some time... if I don't get distracted before... ooh what's that...

The first one is this great idea from One Good Bumblebee (great shop, great blog) for a journal or book, and it sort of similar idea to this japanese binding kit I bought at Erinzam (below).

I love the idea of all the mixed papers. And I think you can get this sort of binding done down at Officeworks, I wonder what they would think of the cupcake wrapper!

Ah Yi's blog is always so beautiful. I already love her gocco prints, some of the first I ever saw but still favourites. I've been intrigued with these lamps she has been making and showing on her blog, so it was fascinating when she published a wonderful tutorial on how to make them. It looks like one of those slow but meditative projects that I quite enjoy. And a practical use at the end.


  1. Gorgeous book covers and lamp shade. Great ideas and thankyou for the tips:)

  2. I enjoyed the link to the paper folded lamp! So interesting and time consuming!

  3. My pleasure, you are both clever enough to do these projects with style!


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