Wednesday 28 March 2012

autumn light

autumn light autumn lightautumn light autumn light autumn light autumn light

The light is changing here and there's a slight chill in the air. Its that in between time of t-shirts with slippers, long walks and lie ins, full blown roses and turning leaves.

Autumn is one of the nicest times in Sydney, though the contrast with our mild, rainy summer isn't as distinct this year, usually its a huge relief when the hot humid days turn crisp and bright. I love the autumn light that comes at this time, I've talked about it before. The garden seems suddenly lit with slanting shafts of light which dapple through the trees making everything look magical.

We are busy here, it seems like every day there's something on. This weekend sees the sport season start and our annual school fete (and Mr F's annual boys trip!) and then on Monday its our beautiful boys double birthday!

So we're all looking forward to Easter and some time to do nothing. I have a new knit on the needles, another autumn tradition, I'm just waiting for some more wool to arrive so I can finish it. Might have to start another while I wait!

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  1. that first is stunning.
    Happy easter....hope you get lots of rest and lots of fun too!!!


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