Thursday 8 March 2012

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Flower Press was asked a while ago to attend the local council's International Women's Day function tonight which features innovative local businesses (and me!) and some really inspirational speakers. Of course I've left my organising a bit late and as Murphy's Law would have it woke up at 5am with a fever. But in true woman's style I am dosed up with panadol and very nearly organised, with a few new cushions sewn up, tea towels folded, cards wrapped and fabric cut! I'm sharing a table with my friend Lauren so I'll have some moral support if I feel too dreadful.

During the week I managed to contrive a 'work' trip to the local Spotlight for zips and might have come home with a few metres of different fabrics to audition for my new Wiksten Tova pattern (which I downloaded this week). This great African/Pacific/William Morris design is the current frontrunner. I've been wanting to buy this pattern for a long time but baulked at the shipping. Thanks Suzy for the heads up on the digital version.

For many more creative women go here, Happy International Women's Day everyone!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time and don't feel too dreadful. Your goodies look wonderful all together like that. Happy international women's day! :)

  2. I adore that top photo.
    I hope you have a great night and that you feel much better as soon as you leave the house.

  3. Good luck tonight Susie!!! I hope you're feeling better very soon (or at least too drugged up to notice!) How wonderful to see all your beautiful work there together :) Happy IWD! Kx

  4. Hope you feel better and tonight went well.

    I chose that fabric for my lisette dress as part of Cam's sew along!


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