Wednesday 7 March 2012

the good mail

good mailgood mailgood mail good mail

I'm so spoilt, I got the best mail on Monday, two parcels of treasure that I'd bought recently on Etsy.

Both contained special handmade pieces that I have been admiring for ages, and have the added quality of being handmade by longtime, creative bloggy friends of mine. I love having pieces around me like that.

The first contained this amazing crocheted cushion made by Kylie Hunt who I've featured here before. Kylie has opened an Etsy shop selling these fabulous cushions which have to be seen (and felt) to be really appreciated. When I read she was having a cost price sale on cushions to make way for standard sizing I snapped up this triangled sausage cushion I'd had my eye on! There are a couple left if you want one of your own. Have a look at her blog too to see her great new ripple and chevron designs.

Lisa Stubbs (obviously a long lost cousin!) is a wonderfully talented artist from the UK that I've known a while too. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer and journeyed with great spirit through treatment and, well I'll let her tell you:

This is one of my first screen prints after my treatment for breast cancer and 'Mr Blue bird on my shoulder' is how I feel now at the end of my treatment, and Mr Blue bird just won't stop singing, fab!
All moneys from the sale of this greeting card goes towards My 3 Volcano Challenge cancer Trek, raising funds for Yorkshire cancer centre, Reg. Charity No. 1075308. The moneys raised will go towards special medical equipment, research and development in cancer and patient care and support. You can visit my Just giving page at and see my progress, inspiration and training on my blog

I've loved her blue bird for a long while, he always makes me smile and inspires me to find the wonderful in my day, and so I was delighted to buy this card to support her in her plan to climb three volcanoes for her local cancer charity. My print is on my wall now and I've bought extras to give away to friends and family. Get your own blue bird and see some of Lisa's other beautiful work here in Lisa's Etsy shop.


  1. Both great pieces. I absolutely love Lisa's work though, and have quite a few myself! Lisa is an amazing and creative woman ~ I hope lots of people can support her volcano trek for cancer.

  2. Such gorgeous finds, thanks for sharing.

  3. oh so it was YOU that beat me to Kylie's pillow!! I was honoured enough for Kylie to make one just for me, but one of Kylie's pillows isn't enough is it??

    Lisa's work is just fantastic and she's an amazingly resilient lady...wishing her all the best for her climb

  4. Ah Thank you Susie, it's made my day reading this x I'm so pleased you like them, thanks for your loveliness and support, Lisa xxxx

  5. This is just lovely :) Thanks so much Susie!
    Lisa's artwork is fabulous. What a distinctive style she has! Very rare these days.
    Hope you enjoy your treats :) Kx

  6. Oh wow!!
    I love Kylie's cushions - so much work and love goes into them. And Lisa's faces are gorgeous and so distinctive - beautiful!x

  7. Oooh that is lovely mail from two hugely inspirational women! What a fab day!

  8. Love love love that pillow! Such great shape/texture/colours.


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