Wednesday 14 March 2012

spotty sale

spotty salespotty salespotty salespotty salespotty sale

Despite the fact I'd been to Spotlight* just last week, I was delighted to see they were having a massive 30% off sale this week. I'd taken a couple of phone pics of fabrics while I was there (partly for a series I'm running on instagram called #patternaday) and there were a couple of prints I was kicking myself for not picking up at the time.

As you can see they were expecting me and had signs up already! I was quite restrained though, and funnily enough the fabrics I chose were quite inexpensive to start with, but it felt very satisfying to get them at two thirds the normal price. But I couldn't resist a couple of embroidery colours which were on special already from this amazing wall of thread (which is actually three times what's shown!) and some zips for my stash. These fabrics will hopefully become a top, a skirt, binding for my other baby quilt and maybe another top. The fat quarters were about $1 with the discount so I had to grab them too.

I'll show you my recent sewings tomorrow. I've been having a bit of a blitz on sewing recently and enjoying it, mostly. I'm taking my time and seeing my skills improving little by little.

*Spotlight is the massive discount fabric, yarn, craft and homewares chain in Australia. Most people have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, though there also seems to be a consensus that we are getting better fabrics and more choice these days and it really is a one stop shop. What do you think?


  1. Oooh, nice prints! I agree that Spotlight is getting better - they have a much nicer range of dressmaking and quilting fabric, and they seem to have employed a few staff at BHP now who are actually friendly and know about sewing (gasp). I like the Denyse Schmidt and Lisette fabrics they're carrying now too.
    I was thinking of you because I saw a Tova sewalong - - how is yours going?

  2. "enjoying it, mostly"

    So does that mean only minimal swearing and cursing?

    (utterly impressed at the restraint).

  3. Love a good spotty sale! The black and white birds are gorgeous, can't wait to see what you make with it.

  4. Yes I agree Spotlight definitely seem to be improving their quality with a lot of things the sell. I went to this same sale yesterday and found a designer print by Andover fabrics. The newer stores seem to be better than the older ones too.

  5. Yeah, I love Spotters - I can always find something I like even if it just complements stuff I've bought online or elsewhere. The recent sale was great and I got quite a bit of fabric for quilting.

  6. I have an independent fabric store just around the corner so I feel like I'm 'cheating' on it if I buy fabric from Spotlight. Sometimes only Spotty has the range to find what you need though. And it's my first port of call for other craft supplies e.g. needle felting. They do seem to have some nicer fabrics like Japanese cotton lawns lately but... eh... I would rather buy from a nice independent Australian online retailer. I think my closest Spotlight is also tainted for me by being located right next to a McDonalds... so I have some yuck association between the two, haha!

  7. You’ve got a great selection there! I can never resist a Spotlight sale either. Personally I love going there however I do think that some of their stores are sometimes better than others.

  8. I agree that the fabric choices and quality seems to be improving. With some quilting fabrics at $19.99 a metre that should be the case!


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