Monday 19 March 2012


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I don't usually feature my kids on the blog, but I can't resist sharing their current projects.

Miss A is starting her second year on the Best Buddies program at her school, where she mentors a lovely intellectually disabled student and helps her to adapt to the challenges of high school. Best Buddies recently had a film making day at Fox Studios and Miss A and her buddy's team have won one of three prizes and their film will be shown at a local cinema! We went to a meeting on Friday with the Best Buddies people where they raved about her school's chapter of this program in which Miss A is Vice President.

And then on Saturday we had thirty people here shaving and dyeing eight boys for the World's Greatest Shave! The ten year old boys all did something radical to their hair. Mr D (who put the team together and is the team captain, photo above) is now completely bald (!) and his brother Mr J has bright blue hair. They and their friends formed a team to raise money to support the Leukemia Foundation and kids and adults with blood cancers.

A workmate of one of the shavers Mum's is on a clinical trial funded by the Leukemia Foundation after living for the last four years with Leukemia. She is an example of how the $2500 they have raised can help. The boys made the local paper last week when they busked to make money for their team at a local shopping centre.

We didn't push the kids into any of this, but rather they came home and told us that they were doing it. Which is why I'm so very proud of them.

Okay that's all, I promise. Thanks for listening :-)

(Oh and Mr F celebrated his birthday on Friday amongst all that, here's the cake his lovely daughter made him and the cakes my mate made for the shaving gig!)

Show & Tell is back tomorrow, and I'm featuring a wonderful local blogger, someone who has recently taken a big leap careerwise. Can you guess who I mean? Check in tomorrow and see if you're right!


  1. What a brilliant community effort! Be brave indeed!

    I am soooo tempted to shave off my hair now that the corporate world can't frown on me. I don't think I'm brave enough this year, but maybe next. There is always next year. x

  2. Wow that is just so wonderful of your little kids...Such a great achievement!!! I would be busting with pride too :)

    LOVE those cakes!!!

  3. How fantastic! Well done to your little peeps. Susie you have every right to be proud they sound like fab kids.

  4. You must be so proud :)
    I know dear people who fit into both those categories of disability and illness and it's heartwarming to hear about your kids working to help.


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