Thursday 15 March 2012

my creative space - cushy

cushy cushy cushy cushy

I promised sewing pics and here is a pic of last weeks making, a long overdue batch of doily and filigree cushions. These cushions are all in the shop. There is only one of each for the moment though, and its often a while between sewing days, so be quick if you want to nab one.

The Tova top pics will have to wait because a. I'm not good at taking photos of myself, I did try and they are all blurry, and b. I'm not happy yet with the fit, I'm going to take the sleeves off and take it in a bit more I think. Its a great pattern though and I'll be making another soon, in a smaller size!

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  1. Gorgeous cushions! I bet they get snapped up pretty quickly.

  2. The red doily one is my fave. I wish I was still cashed up!! x

  3. I loooooove those cushions! I want all the doily ones lined up in a row on my couch!!!

  4. They are FABulous Susie - love them :) Kx

  5. Although they are all beautiful, I love, love, love the red one!

  6. I love production line craft. Makes me come over all momentary smug! Bet they've walked out your door...


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