Thursday 29 March 2012

my creative space - norie


Here's the little autumn knit project I spoke about. Its the Norie slouchy beanie I came across wandering on Ravelry the other day (dangerous place that!).

A spur of the moment project I started it with a ball of Cleckheaton Alpaca/wool mix from the stash knowing I only had one ball and would have to find more. (I often buy a ball if it takes my fancy without any project in mind but I think I might need to start buying two at a time when I get this urge!) Luckily I tracked down the band which had come detached and found the wool online at blacksheep wool. Look what arrived in today's post!

I'm a bit haphazard with some things but I have a system that I'm pretty good at maintaining when it comes to wool labels - when I take the band off I tie a small length of the wool around the band and so I have a record of what ply, colour, dye batch, manufacturer it is. Do you do this? I often wonder how other people keep track.

This is my first time knitting from a lace chart and I've had to undo and reknit it again and again it seems. The first time I knit the lace band I didn't do my research and knitted from the top left corner of the chart down. I couldn't work out why it didn't have the nice lines in it like the pictures on Ravelry until I researched and found it turns out you knit from the bottom right up! But I bet you knew that!

Its much better the second time round, though I still made little mistakes and had to go back and forth which is frustrating. I have two more lace bands to go and I'm going to try to concentrate a bit closer for those!

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  1. Clever sticks indeed!

    I am going to have to steal your trick with the yarn bands as well. What a fantastic idea. All my old bits of yarn end up in a box and will one day be made into a stripey blanket. Until now, referring back to my Ravelry page has been my method of checking their details. :)

  2. It's looking fantastic! You sound very organised, I really need to start taking notes as I make things, I say this every time..

  3. That is lovely! And what a great idea for keeping track of your yarn. I am horrible at that. I tell myself that I'll remember the yarn even if the band is lost or discarded. Who am I kidding?

  4. That is such a great idea about tying a piece of wool to the label... very clever!

    Ravelry is very dangerous... I'm going over there right now!! :)

  5. I staple a piece of wool to each band, but only after I start using the wool so my method isn't much use if the bands become detached before I start anything. Clearly, my method needs a bit of refinement.

    I'm going to file that bit of information away in my brain about the knitting pattern as I had no idea. Hopefully with a better method than the wool bands.

  6. That yarn and project look so beautiful that I am finding it very hard to sit here in front of the computer and not run off and start digging into my stash! I am between knitting projects and feel bereft.
    I don't keep a record of ANY of my yarns and I like your idea.


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