Saturday 26 November 2011

bricks in print

bricks bricksnew prints!bricks

There's something wonderful about printing pattern on fabric and seeing the designs come to life. So it was fun to pull out the Bricks fabric and see how it worked in lengths. I'm really happy with it!

After all your feedback I couldn't decide which to print, so I have four versions. Two large format - purple and bright blue, and two smaller format - yellow and sky blue.

They are now up in the Flower Press shop for a bit of Christmas sewing.

I can feel a Lego bag coming on. Something to keep those little pieces under control. Or maybe a zip pouch made in Bricks fabric with Lego Mini Figures inside (we love those round here!). Wouldn't that make a great stocking stuffer, actually don't tell my boys, I'm definitely going to make some!

For the next little bit I'm giving a little discount and free postage in Australia and $1 for OS, on all my new fabrics, to celebrate and thank you all for your lovely feedback. It means so very much to me.

I've got a couple more prints too but I'll share them another time. Oh and that skirt, I finished it yay! I have a photo, its not very good, still raining here, but I might post it here after the great advice you shared.


  1. Ah I do love the colours so, brilliant! May have to grab some of this to make bags in which to store the boys lego :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So fabulous Susie - congratulations! Kx


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