Friday 18 November 2011

friday good stuff

rick rack ringprize packspotlight haulspotlight $1.50 fats

I put this beautiful Rick Rack ring on the day it arrived and it hasn't come off. Its Christina's work and I bought it a couple of months ago after having it on my wish list for ages. I'm so glad I did, I just love it. I think it would make a great Christmas present for someone, don't you?

I have also been remiss in thanking dear Tania for the prize she sent me for winning a pop quiz she had on her blog a while ago. How fab is that pot holder! And she's so sweet she put a bit of my Rick Rack print in there too. I have it hanging in my kitchen and its saved me so many burnt fingers. I'm adding it to my new Flickr pool of Flower Press Fabrics. I'd love it if you wanted to add any pics to the pool. I have big plans for lots more fabric in the future and the nicest thing about that is seeing lots of people using it! Most of the red Rick Rack print is sold out now, (must get round to reprinting!) but I do have some good size scraps though which I might pop in the shop. The aqua is still available.

The last two pics are some of yesterday's Spotlight haul. I was so glad to track down some of this big dot that I saw ages ago on Kate's blog. Inspired by the craft blog world I am determined to make a skirt, at least one! I love the vintagey mustard floral, that might be a skirt too. And the christmas fats? They were $1.50 each. And you know I can't resist a dot or two.

Happy Friday friends, hope you have a lovely weekend planned. We get to catch our breath this weekend after some busy times and before we head into some more busy-ness next week. I have a flowery post planned for the weekend and I'll also be back Tuesday next week with the last Show & Tell for the year. It's a goody, so tune in then.

Can you believe how fast the time has started flying by. Time to get organised I think!


  1. I received a rick rack ring for my birthday, and the one and only time I've taken it off was when I was heading off to theatre for my false alarm transplant.
    It's my favourite thing ever!

  2. Lots to love in these pics! Is there nothing better than a parcel of new fabric/goodies on the doorstep?

  3. Hey the ring is lovely and congrats on winning that flower pot! I have never won anything in any quiz contest so far!
    Check this -
    The Blogging Test
    What kind of blogger are you?

  4. Love the ring and the shelter - how does it feel - I would love to get some. Love the big spots in the denim and I did toss up weather to get the blue flowers instead of the blue - also loved the navy flowers with red centres.

  5. Thanks Susie! So glad you like your ring! All your other goodies look wonderful too. Particularly $1.50 fats. My self imposed ban from Spotlight is weakening looking at that fabric...


  6. amazing photos, have an amazing day =)

    -Mia xoxo

  7. love the ring! spotlight has some really nice fabrics at the moment! i bought some of those FQs a little while ago to make some christmassy drawstring bags! cant wait to see your skirt/s :)


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