Thursday 10 November 2011

my creative space - stamp

stamp stampstamp

I'm taking part in the Handprinted Fabric Swap at Leslie's newly rechristened Maze & Vale blog this month. With the deadline fast approaching I've spent today printing and stamping a design that popped into my head yesterday, with a method I've been meaning to experiment with for too long. Its lots of fun and I love the results.

Maddeningly I've also managed to do something bad to my computer today so now I have to back it up and rewrite the hard drive, bleh! I've wasted precious creative time doing that. Trying to look on the bright side at least I haven't lost anything and its good to be backing up again, but its so slow! So more photos later.

Lots more creative types at the home of creativity.


  1. Geez, you're a tease! Oh and tell me about it - that fast-approaching deadline thing...

  2. This looks interesting! What are you doing Susie?
    Hope your computer woes are all over. Kx


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