Monday 14 November 2011

four years and some presents!

spring gardenspring gardenspring gardenspring gardenspring garden

I sort of missed my blogiversary last week thanks to my computer woes, so I'm officially celebrating today. Four years of blogging and four years of my little flower press shop!! A big thank you to all of you who regularly visit, comment, email, link and shop at flower press. Here are some flowers just for you (and read on for more presents)

I'm quite surprised to still be here in this space. I'm surprised that blogging has become such an important part of my life. Four years of pretty much weekly blogging (552 posts blogger tells me!). It turns out the rewards are many and its become such a habit that I don't really stop to think much what I'm going to blog, I just do, its become an organic process, a part of the way I see my life, of savouring the really great bits and occasionally bemoaning the bad. I've said it before but these days I think a bit in blog posts, capturing the surprising, editing the images, recording the days.

Its added so much to my creative process too to have such a wonderful inbuilt cheer squad and sounding board here online. Its influence has been immeasurable. Here online I've found so much inspiration and technique, and in turn friendships and conversations with a whole bunch of inspiring makers and photographers and writers and gardeners and cooks and mothers.

Another related reward has been my Show & Tell series. I'm so honoured to have featured some of my very favourite bloggers, people who have that something, that spark, that way of seeing that makes them so readable, which makes you smile, laugh or shed a tear. People who live creatively and see the wonder in the everyday. I love that!

My only regret is that I haven't got round to featuring all the people that inspire me. If I haven't got round to you or someone you think should be featured here then the good news is I'm thinking I might have to take the series on to a third year. The last interview of this year, number 20, goes up next Tuesday, you're going to love this one too.

To celebrate my anniversary I'm going to be offering some discounts and specials and a giveaway in my shop (some fabric don't you think :-). These will only be announced through my mailing list, later in the week. Sign up is below or over on the left (And don't worry about being inundated, I think the last email I sent was this time last year! Its easy to subscribe or unsubscribe, its all automated and you can do both at this link:

So come and help me celebrate!

spring garden


  1. Oh, happy 4th blogoversary, Susie! Your space in Blogland is always such a pretty spot to visit with its stunning photography and vibrant creativity. Please keep your interview series going - it's so interesting! J x

  2. Yah! Congratulations Susie!! Looking forward to many more years of visiting here. You are such an inspirational blogger and creator. So glad you decided to do this blogging thing :) Kx

  3. Happy 4th bloggiversary Susie. It's amazing how time flies when you're having so much fun!

  4. Hooray! Happy happy four year anniversary. Your post made me realise that I missed my three year anniversary in October! Oops. :)

    Love those flowers too. :)

  5. **Happy 4th anniversary** I couldn't agree more about how valuable and supportive felllow creative bloggers are! It is so wonderful to hang out with like minded creative people in blog world.. I love it! :)
    Looking forward to more show & tells.. they are so inspiring!

    ps. beautiful flowers!

  6. Happy 4th to you!!
    The blogging community is fabulous - so supportive and positive. It really spurs me on alot!!XX

  7. Happy blog birthday! I'm so glad you've kept it up for 4 years!


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