Friday 25 November 2011


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Oh, I'm so excited, I just received the most fantastic parcel! Remember I ordered all that fabric just a couple of weeks ago? Well it landed on my doorstep this morning and its perfect, even better than I imagined!

My bricks are here!! Yay!! They look amazing on fabric. I couldn't decide which colour and size to order so I have lots of different combinations. I'm going to take some photos (go away clouds!) and post about and list them later.

I ordered lots more marbles on blue too for those who want more of this and I can offer yardage now too. I couldn't resist seeing big marbles on purple too, so there's a little in the shop, be quick. For those waiting I have more of the Triangle Twist too, in the large format like the pattern that appeared on my pillowcases.

And I have more to show you! I can't fit them all here but I do want to introduce you to these three prints from my new Flower Bed series - Trileaf, Bloom and Daisy Dots. A couple I've shown before but Trileaf, at the top there, is my very favourite new print. I spoke yesterday about choosing colour schemes for this, I have some others coming. I've been working on this one forever, tweaking it, getting it just right. This design will appear next year as a screenprint too, in a heavier weight for home decoration.

The Daisy Dots (aka Chicken Spots) are a design I did while hanging out with my youngest son when he had Chicken Pox last year. My Bloom design was born then and I went on to rework it for my Cheater Quilt entry later in the year. I love the colours used and they work even better with the pale pink background I've added.

These three designs are now in my shop. There is a little bit of a discount and free postage in Australia to celebrate their arrival. Prices for larger cuts are listed, you save a bit the more you order and saying that I'm going now to list a Five FQ discount, so you can have a bit of each!

Back soon with those bricks and some other new designs!


  1. they're all really gorgeous susie! well done :)

  2. Wow! You've been doing so much, Susie, and it all looks fantastic! Is the large format triangle twist the one I have or do I have the smaller format? I'd love some large if it's not. Kx

    p.s. the marble bags arrived 5 mins ago - thank you! :)

  3. Very exciting!!! They are all just gorgeous and I love all the bright cheery colours :D

  4. Gorgeous! Especially love the trileaf. Green and blue are one of my favourite combinations. Have a lovely weekend xo

  5. These are so lovely! I adore Bloom.

  6. They are all so bright and beautiful! Very very tempting!


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