Tuesday 29 November 2011

clouds and um... clouds

cloudy cloudynew prints!linkstoy box prints

Here are the last of my new fabrics. These first two have been around for a little while but never available as fabric till now. Both were designed around the same time and embarassingly, both seem to have had the same working title of Clouds. Not very inspired.

I think I need some help dreaming up better names, any suggestions?

The cloudy one appears in the shop as Cloudy (?). The green print I'm calling Links (like I said, naming help people!) though it started life as Clouds. Cloudy was made around the time I was playing around with kids' designs for the Project Selvage competition. My kids love this one and want me to make a pillowcase with it and so I've only got one FQ left in the shop, be quick if you like it.

Links started as a doodle. I've had it printed in this graphic grassy green on white but love it in these other combinations here and here. Hmm, if only I could get everything printed every which way.

Also new is Marbles in large format on purple/mauve. I love the marbles big and have some more of the large blue on order. I have 4 FQs only of this. I had lots of fun the other day playing around matching it with the other prints in the series. I like the way they play together, just as I had imagined :-)

My favourite combo is perhaps this one below, the new Flower Bed prints. My friend was similarly smitten and has just snapped up most of the Bloom and Daisy Dots to make pillowcases for her girls' room. She was here to pick up some Marbles fabric she'd ordered for her son's duvet/doona cover. Can't wait to see how they all turn out. Hopefully I'll get pics to share.



  1. all so wonderful!! moda is going to be knocking on your door any day now, i swear : )

  2. wow wow wow. I especially love cloudy! x

  3. Hi Susie!
    I have been insanely busy with work and such these past weeks and am just now catching up with all your wonderful recent posts. Your new fabrics are beautiful - 'Flower Bed' is a lovely collection, and I'm definitely a fan of 'Links' (aka Clouds :), in all its potential colourways!
    Your friend's girls will have the best pillowcases!

  4. Love your cloudy clouds fabric!

  5. I love that clouds fabric no matter what it's called! Your mum and dad look gorgeous. Fantastic photo.


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