Thursday 17 November 2011

my creative space - gift bags

gift bagsgift bagsgift bagsgift bags

A bloggy friend emailled me last time I showed my treasure bags to ask if she could order a couple. I was delighted to help out and while I was at it I couldn't resist whipping up a couple extra. I'm not the fastest sewer and have limited stocks of these fabrics, so if you are interested in buying one email me quick and tell me your preference (email in my profile top left). The small blue marbles are spoken for. Just the polka dots left folks :-)

I have a couple more bags to finish which are going to be slightly larger, sewing one from an offcut of my handprint swap, my Starry design.

First a trip to Spotlight is on the cards so I can buy some more calico to line them and some nice cord to secure the rest. Always good to have an excuse to wander the haberdashery aisle!

p.s. I'm still working on that promised tutorial for the foam stamping from last week, I just need some time to take some photos, and maybe print some more fabric while I'm about it.

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  1. Ooo yes please! I'd like three marble ones for boys please :) Gosh that Alisa gets in quick, doesn't she?! ;)
    They are just fantastic Susie. Kx

  2. ooh they are gorgeous, love the contrasting trim at the top of them. i made my first drawstring bag a few weeks ago- very satisfying!

  3. Gorgeous! Love these little bags x

  4. They are so cute and look so good in the different bright happy fabrics :)


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