Friday 4 November 2011


bricks bricksbricksbricks
First off - Thank You! for the wonderful feedback on my little drawstring bags, including a lovely comment from talented Ayumi who's pattern it is! I hope that lots of you have a drawstring bag on your 'to do' list now, they are so easy and fun. Thanks too for the lovely comments about my fabric designs. I'm touched.

I've been promising a further design for this Toy Box series for a while now and finally its ready to show. The majority of smallish boys I know are obsessed with building bricks like Lego. So when I was designing my Toy Box Prints, they were natural inspiration. I'm not sure a toy box exists anywhere without a few Lego bricks floating at the bottom, or more likely carefully boxed and labelled or made up into large and complex builds!

This pattern is destined to be turned into a duvet cover for a friend of mine who's son is mad about Lego and due for a new slightly more grown up cover. I like the way the pattern is sort of abstract, not too literal and the colour scheme goes with anything. Which background colour do you like? I'm thinking its the bright blue but the yellow is another favourite. I'd love your feedback.

Now just to decide the scale. Hmm, smaller or bigger? What do you think?



  1. This print looks fabulous - I like how it is abstract too... but then you realise the lego reference. If I had to chose, I think I like the smaller print, but really, both are
    equally terrific!!! Genius!

  2. I really like the yellow background! I think both scales are great... hmm tough decision.

  3. It really is fantastic Susie! You are amazing.
    I'm leaning towards the bigger blocks (but probably because you mentioned the quilt cover).
    I'm sure both would go down a treat :) Kx

  4. I love it! I think I'd prefer it on a scale that's close to the size of actual lego.

  5. This design is really amazing. My boys would LOVE it! I like the bright blue best followed by the yellow. Like both scales, the big would be great for bedding but the small one perfect for cushions, peg bags etc. Will you be selling it? I would deffo be up for buying some!

  6. Ooh and I like the yellow or blue background!

  7. I can't decide - they all look so good. I think the blue background, smaller scale.

  8. Awesome, I like the last one best :)

  9. This is gorgeous! My sons are obsessed with Lego. Well, it's Duplo at the moment because the little one chews the Lego! So glad to have found your blog.


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