Friday 18 November 2011


daylilies garden dayliliesgardendayliliesgarden

The weather in Sydney at the moment is quite schizophrenic, it keeps swerving between really hot and cold and windy with some huge storms in between. But the good days are just fabulous and the garden is loving it. Here are some more of my daylily babies (story here) and a view looking into the back garden which I set up when i was designing that bit as a haven for my more precious plants from balls and games. Didn't turn out that way but it was a good idea! If you sit on that bench the dog jumps and sits leaning against you, which I love, but can be a surprise to the uninitiated :-)

Love these little reminders to savour the little things, found by my girl on Pinterest - just little things, and this song from last night's Rockwiz makes me smile too (make sure you watch till the ukelele solo!).

See you for Show & Tell on Tuesday!


  1. wow, those photos of your garden are beautiful....and yes we should all savour the little things a little more. It is nice to be reminded to ever now and then.
    Weather up here is just HOT, HOT ♥Jo

  2. I agree the weather has been unpredictable! Still hot and muggy here with those black storm clouds rolling in!

    The photos of your garden are lovely!

  3. What a lovely shady corner to escape the heat. I'm so envious of your green thumb - and all your other crafty fingers too. : )

  4. Just stumbled on to your blog. Lovely. And Gorgeous photography. And yes, it is in the little things that we find the truth. Thanks for sharing.


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